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Posted on June 11 2012 by Roger

It was April 22 when members of PSI Leduc/Edmonton, with special guest Mae Anderson, met with intentions of finding the whereabouts of Mr. and Mrs. McCann. If you don't know the background, Lyle and Marie McCann have been missing since July 2010 and are presumed dead. The couple was last seen July 3, 2010 gassing up their motor home in St. Albert. On July 5, 2012 their motor home was found outside Edson and their SUV, which was being towed behind the motor home, was later found in a heavy bush area several kilometres away.

The person presumed responsible for the deaths, Travis Vader, has since been charged with 2 counts of first degree murder. However, Vader has not given up the locations of the bodies. Mournful and frustrated family members want closure.

In response to media pleas from the McCann's family, primarily their son (Bret McCann), members of the PSI group met in an attempt to find the McCann's through Ouija board communications. As per common belief, the Ouija board is said to offer a means of communicating between this world and the next. With the understanding that the McCann's had passed on, we hoped the Ouija board would help lead us to the whereabouts of their remains.

Unfortunately, after several hours of Ouija board variance we were disappointingly no closer to helping the McCann family. Despite the efforts of all in the room, some more adept with the Ouija then others, the Ouija board in its familiar unpredictability shared nothing concrete, if of course it had anything to share; instead, it played possum to our questions and randomly troubled our case manager. Two of our more sensitive group members felt that perhaps the McCann's were buried together just off a dirt road somewhere by a brook (running water) with lots of trees, maybe in Nojack.

Unfortunately that is it, we were so expectant; coming to the session armed with maps, expensive equipment, cleansed spirits, and hopeful naivety, wanting so much to find the McCann's, but the search and rue continues.

PSI Leduc/Edmonton will continue its efforts to find the McCann's.

Investigator PSI Canada

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