Team PSI investigates the Lodge at Buck-a-boo acres December 2012

Posted on Jan 11 2013

Buck-a-boo acres, a delightful, easily accessible oasis - serenity, peace and natural beauty only 45 minutes, give or take, outside of Edmonton city limits. One of 3, 3000 sq. ft authentic log cabins would be your lodgings. All you need to enjoy your stay including a large, well maintained and fully equipped kitchen, 3 showers and a bath, 6 bedrooms with a sink vanity in each of the upstairs bedrooms; top it off with a traditional wood burning stove/fire place in the main floor living room and you are well on your way to enjoying some peace and quiet for a change.

The ambience is there and so is the space. Several people can enjoy time together playing cards or board games or time alone strolling in the woods...a perfect venue for a family get-away or a company retreat. Even more intriguing about Buck-a-boo acres is the possibility of encountering some of the unseen inhabitants rumored to live there; maybe you will be visited by Lydia who by fowl play or her own means is not with us anymore.

Lydia enjoys playing with long hair and teasing the boys and she especially enjoys playing with the lights. While investigating, a few PSI members were perplexed by some light bewilderment...turning off the same sets of lights twice - one after another. For instance, while setting up to record, a PSI witnessed, through camera preparations, two other PSI's turn off the same sets of lights.

Specifically, he watched the lights get turned off by one PSI, then saw them turn on again by themselves, and then watched as a second, different PSI turned the same lights off again. To our great misfortune, the cameras were not yet recording so we did not catch this phenomenon on tape. There is also talk of the man in black (no not Johnny Cash) but a man-like figure that likes to watch 'living' patrons sleep. And there is talk of a young boy who met fowl play who wanders the property and possibly a white wolf that holds his spirit that also wanders the property.

If you are so lucky to meet one of these mysterious patrons you can record your encounter in the book provided. There has been enough activity that owners have provided a book so that visitors can record any unusual encounters, a great read indeed.

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