John A Mcdougall Elementary School

Posted on apr 22 2012

Location: 10930-107 Street, Edmonton

Type location: Elementary School

Activity: Ghost of a girl has been spotted walking up and down the stairs, where this accident occurred. She is mainly seen during lunch hour. There hasn't been any records to back this claim up.

History: Built in 1913, The first female principle Kate Chegwin 1914. There isn't a whole lot of info on this haunting. Legend has it that a young girl lost her life while sliding down the banister located in the stairwell due to someone pushed her off from behind.

Victoria School of Performing and Visual Arts

Posted on apr 22 2012

Location: 10210 108 Ave Edmonton

Type location: School

Activity: There are actually 2 areas of the school that have activity.The school's theatre, named after Eva O. Howard, is haunted by its namesake. The apparition of Eva is scene usually on opening night of a new performance and she is blamed for poltergeist activity in the theatre and backstage. The second area is less known, but are the catacombs of the school. A series of underground tunnels and rooms. Not much is known about the activity, but there have been a few reports.

History: Opening in 1911 as Edmonton High School, then changing its name to Victoria high in 1913. From October 1918 - January 1919 the school was temporarily closed so it could be used as an auxiliary hospital for influenza patients. The school has a rich history and colorful history.

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