Night vision camera system with DVD recorder

Posted on July 1st 2012 by Roger

At the moment our team is using a system with 4 night vision cameras. We are planning to update the system to 8 cameras soon.

This system does not need a lot of explanation. The system is used to set up night vision cameras at your location of investigation and it will record video for the duration of your investigation.

Our team is most of the time at the clients home around 7-8pm and will go live with cameras around 10-11pm. They will then run live till around 4-5am. The only downfall to the systems are the large file sizes of the recorded video. It takes a little to downsize all files or to record the larger files to dvds for the client and your investigators.

Make sure you have a notepad for the investigator sitting next to the cameras so he or she can write down times and camera numbers as he or she views any activity on camera. The last thing you want is reviewing the video another 6-8 hours a day after to search for any activity.

Sony Hi8 camera

Posted on July 1st 2012 by Roger

The Hi8 cameras using tapes are still very populair. I know this sounds weird in a time and age where digital memory is the way to go.

The main reason was and is that good digital handheld night vision cameras are still very high priced and we can discuss the evidence that we record as well.

The footage from a tape or DVD camcorder can be retained on the original recording medium and so the investigator can show that no-post production techniques have been used to 'create' anomalies. Any digital memory card used to record video has to be connected to the computer and the file transferred through computer programs. The interference of the computer to show evidence makes it for many less believable when any paranormal activity is recorded. The tape is not easy to alter while a computer file is. It is quite easy to paste a "ghost" in a computer file then to paste one onto a hi8 tape.

For this reason we still prefer recording at night with our handheld Sony hi8 camera.

Another reason is the need of a computer or laptop at times when memory cards are full and you need to empty the card to re-use in your recorder. We always have 6-8 extra video tapes in our cases so when a tape is full we simply put a new one in.

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Apparitional experience...

In psychology and parapsychology, an apparitional experience is an anomalous, quasi-perceptual experience. It is characterized by the apparent perception of either a living being or an inanimate object without there being any material stimulus for such a perception.

The person experiencing the apparition is awake, excluding dream visions from consideration.


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