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Posted on apr 22 2012 by Roger

This page is used for your donations to team Paranormal Scene Investigation Canada. If you believe in our goal to educate people about Paranormal phenomena and to help families burdened by Paranormal activity and would like to make a donation then please use this page to make your donation to the team.

Any donations made to the team will be used for future investigations and/or new equipment.

Investigating the Paranormal as a non-profit organization is quite costly and any donation is very much appreciated.

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Non-physical entity...

A non-physical entity is an entity that lacks a physical/material body or characteristics. Non-physical entities may be considered hypothetical, e.g. deities of religions no longer conventionally believed in, and used as an example of an imaginary being in analytic philosophy, or they may refer to concepts whose existence is considered in philosophical argument, such as qualia. In esotericism and religions they may refer to gods, spirits, and so on, which either lack a body, or possess a subtle body only, and are generally considered belonging to a supra-physical plane of existence.


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