SLIders (Street Light Interference)...

Posted on Nov 3 2013 by Megan

Have you ever noticed street lights that go out as you walk under them, only to turn on again once you have walked away? This phenomenon seems to be more common than you might think. There are many websites that have people claiming such occurrences and there is even a nickname for these people- SLIders (Street Light Interference). Generally people who report street light interference say that it is usually one or two of the same lamps that go out at a time, however, in slightly more rare instances people claim that several will go out in succession as they walk underneath.

There have been some scientific explanations that have been offered to help explain what is happening, and it is undeniably interesting. Certain types of street lights can go through a phase called cycling which occurs at the end of the bulbs life. At this stage the light can turn on and off repeatedly until it eventually expires or is replaced. Also, if a bulb becomes too hot it can turn off for a period of time until it cools to a certain temperature. Others claim that there may be some type of electrical interference caused by certain vehicles that drive by, which sounds pretty plausible to me.

With all of this taken into account I still think that there is something else going on in these cases, simply because I consider myself a SLIder. I have seen it first hand for myself for many years and it can happen when I'm walking or when I'm driving. Typically it occurs on the same sets of lights repeatedly. It doesn't matter if I'm in my car or if I'm in a friend's car, they still go out every time I go under. I have even been able to record it as I walk along because it never fails, it's pretty much clockwork at this point. I have also noticed that if I am in a darker mood I will affect more lights.

I remember one night after a particularly rough day I decided to go for a run (my simple form of therapy). As I jogged along I was dwelling on thoughts from earlier in the day and replaying them in mind. When I did this I noticed the street lights going out, one by one, as I ran underneath. I was used to lights going out near me but I had never had so many go out in succession of one another. After about ten or so I took it as a bad omen and decided to head home.

Scientists have never been able to record an event like this in a controlled experiment, but it's easy to see why. It's not something you can do at will with just any light and it isn't within one's physical control. I personally believe that we all have a distinct and powerful energy within us, whether you realize it or not. This energy has a great potential to do many things, such as healing. Some people are lucky enough to see this energy as an aura, but even if you can't see it you can usually sense it. Have you ever been able to tell that someone was in a bad mood even though they hadn't said anything or had their back turned to you? You were picking up on their energy, their aura. So my hypothesis is that this energy can interfere with the street lights. No, I can't explain it scientifically, but I think there is still much to learn from a scientific point of view on paranormal events. If nothing else, all I can say is that it's a great trick that I have that tends to freak out my friends.

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