"Perhaps the question is not whether something is out there but what is out there."

~ Melissa Martin Ellis, 101 Ways to Find a Ghost.

Welcome to Paranormal Scene Investigations Canada! We are a local, non-profit group of trained and knowledgeable paranormal investigators, operating in and around Edmonton, Alberta. It is our goal to seek out phenomenon and uncover the truth behind these occurrences, whether they are truly paranormal or just simply explained. We operate in a professional and respectful manner, ensuring our clients' needs are thoroughly met. PSI maintains a discrete and non-judgemental atmosphere throughout the course of an investigation, with confidentiality at the forefront of our mission.

Although relatively new to the Edmonton paranormal research scene, PSI has quickly carved a place amongst some of the older groups in the city. With a fresh perspective on investigation goals, we place our clients at the centre of each case, working with them to achieve maximum success through-out our time together.

Founded in 2010 by Roger Smeitink, PSI formed as a means to further develop Roger's paranormal investigation skills, and seek out answers to the unknown. In two years, the team has grown to nine investigators and encompasses a broad range of beliefs and experiences. We work cohesively as well as independently, reviewing constantly to ensure the investigation is complete. Communication is continuous and open, and allows for all activity to be interpreted thoroughly and efficiently.

The PSI team has a strong background in police work, security, community services, and at the opposite end of that spectrum, the arts. Our range of professions and beliefs combines to give what we consider a complete "panel" for investigation services, allowing our clients to find comfort and answers within our work. It is of the utmost importance that our clients have as many answers as possible, and we will continue to work with you until the case is officially closed.

Team PSI Canada

Experimenting with the Devils Toy Box

As seen and heard on radio and his website, Paranormal Investigator Joshua P Warren discusses the "Devils Toy Box".
You can read all about it on Joshua's website joshuapwarren.com

I wanted to experiment with the box as well and just before one of our investigations we made one. It is quite simple; 6 mirrors, facing each other, taped off and microphone attached. The loop of facing mirrors generates energy. It is said that this energy will create a portal for spirits to communicate through. We have used this only during one investigation but will for sure be using it many times and continue to experiment with this item.

Corey working on the Devils Toy Box
Corey working on the Devils Toy Box

Roger shot this photo facing the inside of the box
Roger shot this photo facing the inside of the box

PSI random photo's

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From Latin levitas "lightness" is the process by which an object is suspended by a physical force against gravity, in a stable position without solid physical contact.

A number of different techniques have been developed to levitate matter, including the aerodynamic, magnetic, acoustic, electromagnetic, electrostatic, gas film, and optical levitation methods.


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